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Stop looking for a content writer for your next project. Let me help!

Here's why!— 
I'm a former sales and marketing corporate executive turned freelance content writer (and mother of two toddlers). When the babies arrived, my 70 hour weeks and traveling had to go.

I'm a steal when it comes to getting an agency level writer with a marketing and sales mindset and the latest knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing.

I'm super easy to work with! (So I've been told.) You don't need to hold my hand, and I can upload your content, design collateral, add UTMs or other helpful tasks to make your workflow easier. I'm available for any level of retainer support and always open to project-based work.


Are projects on hold?

Are you constantly sourcing writers?

Are you struggling to produce your own material?

Are you paying for just "adequate" content?

Austin Writer Digital Marketer, Audrey Ryan

Start-ups • SaaS & IaaS Companies • Marketing & PR Agencies

What is Value Driven Content_

I write value-driven content that moves the business development needle and supports the overarching digital marketing strategy. These projects can take on a variety of forms. They’re all designed ultimately to attract and nurture leads. And if you need help tying a multi-pronged content strategy together, I can help with that, too.

Content Writing Services

Blogging • Reviews • Articles • Website Copy • Digital Marketing

Lead Nurturing Emails • eBooks • Press Releases • Grant Writing

White Papers • Ghostwriting

Why work with me?

Work Experience or rather... Battle Scars

With me, you’re not just getting a writer, you’re getting someone who’s worked in the sales and marketing trenches honing in on what verbiage and material concepts work. I’ve had to meet quotas, drive revenue goals, and at times figure out how to turn an off-course ship around. If you’d like to work with someone who knows first hand the challenges you face and someone who values accountability, I’m your girl.

Sales & Marketing Foundation

I’m a marketer and a master sales executive at my core. I’m creative and calculated. Your positioning and competitive landscape are ever present while drafting your communication. I understand deeply the art of precise lead nurturing across specific awareness stages. I understand nuances that every brand’s communication needs to create genuine relationships.

Content that Works Harder

I apply smart sales and marketing methodology to the written word in your project. No project goes unchecked for SEO, multi-purpose options, leverage options, PR options, and spin-off options. I’m happy to share suggestions that can keep you from reinventing the wheel and help you double down on the impacting and engaging content that readers are actively consuming.

I use savvy research techniques to dig up insights and create original, thought-provoking stories that your audience will want to share.

A Start-up Mindset

You can take the writer out of a start-up, but you can’t take the start-up out of the writer! If you’re looking for someone who can keep up, take initiative, adapt, and wear four or five hats… that’s me.

I understand it's your a$$ on the line.  

The tough part about hiring a freelance writer is trusting them to care as much as you do about the project at hand. I’m the kind of writer that would rather fall on my sword than submit work that misses the mark. I live to help my clients shine! For that reason, I listen intently and research emphatically.

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